Jack Johnson: On and On

On and On (Jack Johnson album - cover art).jpg


If you want an album that just has good vibes to it and will most likely put you in a good, and relaxed state of mind, then this is a great album for that. It is made up of soothing ballads and has an overall feel-good vibe. His guitar playing is smooth and calming and the other instrumentals work in sync with this albums island vibe without diving into reggae. It’s extremely calming and soothing without becoming a bore…this album is beautiful.

1. Times Like These   5 stars
2. The Horizon Has Been Defeated   4.5 stars
3. Traffic In The Sky   4 stars
4. Taylor   5 stars
5. Gone    5 stars
6. Cupid    4.5 stars
7. Wasting Time   4.75 stars
8. Holes To Heaven    4 stars
9. Dreams Be Dreams    4.75 stars
10. Tomorrow Morning    4 stars
11. Fall Line   4 stars
12. Cookie Jar   4.5 stars
13. Rodeo Clowns  4.25 stars
14. Cocoon   4 stars
15. Mediocre Bad Guys   4 stars
16. Symbol In My Driveway   4 stars

Grade: 87.81 (B+)


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