Alkaline Trio: My Shame Is True



My Shame Is True is a vibrant, punk driven, romantic illustration that shows many different angles of love, passion, and romance. The album kicks off with the track “She Lied To The FBI” which gives this sort of “I don’t mind suffering if it’s for you” type of vibe. The real passion is felt on tracks like “Kiss You To Death, Only Love, One Last Dance, and the albums closer, Until Death Do Us Part. Some fans may prefer some of Alkaline Trio’s older work but, this is the bands most well put together album. Honestly, all of this bands albums are great in their own way…This one just shows a lot of maturing and polish as they have come along through the years. I really fell in love with this album when it first came out and I can say now, four years later that I still love it just as much.

1. She Lied To The FBI  5 stars
2. I Wanna Be a Warhol  5 stars
3. I’m Only Here To Disappoint  4 stars
4. Kiss You To Death  5 stars
5. The Temptation of Saint Anthony  4.5 stars
6. I, Pessimist  5 stars
7. Only Love  4 stars
8. The Torture Doctor  4.5 stars
9. Midnight Blue  4 stars
10. One Last Dance  5 stars
11. Young Lovers  4 stars
12. Until Death Do Us Part  5 stars

Grade: 91.67 (A-)


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