Moose Blood: Blush

Blush Moose Blood.png

Blush is a fun album filled with anthems and an overall good vibe from start to finish. Most of the songs have very effective builds, smooth instrumentals, great bridges and are just overall pretty coherent. One thing I really like with this album is that nothing feels forced, overused, or out of place. It is an album that plays well from start to finish and has a balanced tone that isn’t interrupted at any point. This was a new band to me when I discovered this album last year and I still find myself listening to it from time to time, It’s always an enjoyable listen.

1. Pastel  5 stars
2. Honey  5 stars
3. Knuckles  4.5 stars
4. Sulk  4 stars
5. Glow  4.5 stars
6. Cheek  4 stars
7. Sway  4 stars
8. Shimmer  3 stars
9. Spring  4 stars
10. Freckle  4.5 stars

Grade: 85.0 (B)


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