Rise Against: Endgame 


Endgame is an album about looking at the world around us, asking what is wrong, and making changes. The album tackles homophobia, equality, and a little bit of corruption and shows our world at a sort of tipping point. The first song on the album, “Archatects” sets up this concept of a need for looking at our problems, facing them head on, and making positive changes. The sound of these songs continues the bands evolution into a more polished, and well rounded, full sound. I think this is a reason people tend to think “punk bands sell out” but I say no… Punk can sound really clean and well put together, what matters is within the contents of the songs and this album is punk to it’s core!

1. Architects   5 stars
2. Help Is On The Way   5 stars
3. Make It Stop (Septembers Children)   5 stars
4. Disparity By Design   4 stars
5. Satellite  
5 stars
6. Midnight Hands   4 stars
7. Survivor Guilt   4.5 stars
8. Broken Mirrors  
4 stars
9. Wait For Me  
5 stars
10. A Gentleman’s Coup  
4 stars
11. This Is Letting Go  
4.5 stars
12. Endgame   
4.5 stars

Grade: 84.17 (B)


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