A Day To Remember: Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations.jpg

Bad Vibrations shows A Day To Remember digging back into their more aggressive style and it is apparent right from the start with the title-track Bad Vibrations which sets the scene for the rest of the album. Lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon stated that the album’s title, Bad Vibrations, is derived from feelings of stress and anxiety. These themes are very well explored throughout the album on pretty much every song. Not only are these themes heard in the lyrics of the songs but also in the very way each song is presented and sung. This is one of those albums that shows a band’s growth through the years with more polish while digging back into their earlier days in style. One thing this album does very well is that it expresses emotions and feelings in such great ways. You don’t just hear these songs, you feel them.

1. Bad Vibrations   5/5
2. Paranoia  
3. Naivety  
4. Exposed  
5. Bullfight  
6. Reassemble  
7. Justified  
8. We Got This  
9. Same About You  
10. Turn Off The Radio  
11. Forgive and Forget  

Grade: 92.73 (A-)


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