Sum 41: 13 Voices

13 Voices album artwork.jpg


13 Voices was a long awaited album for fans of Sum 41, myself included. Lead singer, Deryck Whimbley had almost died from alcoholism and this album may have never even happened. Whimbley seems to have found his spark after such a dark time that he was obviously going into on the bands previous album, “Screaming Bloody Murder”. This album has a sort of grit or edge to it and as I revisit it having not listened to it for maybe a month or so, I have to say that I really appreciate this album. It feels like Whimbley really wore his heart on his sleeve and that is heard throughout the entire album.

1. A Murder of Crows   4.5/5
2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again   5/5
3. Fake My Own Death   5/5
4. Breaking the Chain   4/5
5. There Will Be Blood   4/5
6. 13 Voices   3.5/10
7. War   5/5
8. God Save Us All (Death To Pop)   5/5
9. The Fall & the Rise   4.25/5
10. Twisted By Design   4/5
11. Better Days   3.5/5
12. Black Eyes   4/5

Grade: 86.25 (B)


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