Incubus: 8

Incubus 8 Artwork.jpg


8 is the first full-length album from incubus in 6 years. They did release an EP 2015 which was pretty good and left me wanting more so I am pretty happy to get a new album! This album feels like a return to what the band did so well on earlier albums centering its style more rooted in rock. I would also say that for the most part, the songs on this album are much more memorable and enjoyable than what we got on the bands 2011 release, “If Not Now, When?” which is one of the bands least impressive albums to me. This album is refreshing, fun, passionate, and something I think longtime fans of Incubus will enjoy and gain the attention for a newer listener. Overall, this is a pretty solid and enjoyable album.

1. No Fun   5/5
2. Nimble Bastard   5/5
3. State of the Art   4.5/5
4. Glitterbomb   4.5/5
5. Undefeated   4.5/5
6. Loneliest   5/5
7. When I Became a Man   3/5
8. Familiar Faces   4/5
9. Love In A Time of Surveillance   4/5
10. Make No Sound In The Digital Forest   3.5/5
11. Throw Out The Map   3.75/5

Grade: 85 (B)


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