New Found Glory: Makes Me Sick


New Found Glory seems to dig into their more light-hearted and fun side with his album. Looking back on their past albums I think of Resurrection, Not Without a Fight, and Coming Home as sort of more serious feeling albums and then Sticks and Stones, Catalyst, and Radiosurgery as the more fun and upbeat albums. This album goes along with those last three I mentioned. Makes Me Sick has a summery type vibe throughout it, especially on “The Sound of Two Voices” which sounds very tropical. Something I really notice on this album is the use of synth. It’s used lightly in the background and doesn’t feel forced or overused. It just gives this album a sort of unique, distinguished sound of it’s own. Especially on the song “Barbed Wire”.

1. Your Jokes Aren’t Funny   5/5
2. Party On Apocalypse   5/5
3. Call Me Anti-Social   4.5/5
4. Happy Being Miserable   5/5
5. The Sound of Two Voices   4/5
6. Blurred Vision   4/5
7. Say It Don’t Spray It   4/5
8. Barbed Wire   5/5
9. Short and Sweet   4/5
10. The Cheapest Thrill   4/5

Grade: 89.0 (B+)


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