Unwritten Law: Swan

Unwritten Law - Swan cover.jpg


Swan came six years after the release of the bands previous record “Here’s To The Mourning”. And here we are again in 2017 with another long gap of no new music from this great California punk rock band. I had the fortune of actually seeing these guys this past winter at a small, up close and personal venue and damn was it a great show! Swan goes along well with the bands previous works. It carries a similar energy to those great albums and carries similar themes that we have come to expect from this band. It has a bit of everything. The fun upbeat pop punk tracks like “Starships and Apocalypse” and “Nevermind”, some edge in songs like “Superbad” and “Chicken”, and some romance in “Sing” and “Love Love Love”.

1. Starships and Apocalypse   5/5
2. Nevermind   5/5
3. Dark Dayz   4/5
4. Last Chance   4.5/5
5. Sing   4/5
6. Superbad   4.5/5
7. Let You Go   4/5
8. Chicken   4/5
9. On My Own  4.5/5
10. Love Love Love   5/5
11. Swan Song   4.5/5

Grade: 89.09 (B+)


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