Sugar Ray: Self-Titled

Sugar ray 2001 album.jpg


I feel like Sugar Ray is one of those bands that some people think is “cool to hate” but the fact is, they have some good, upbeat, summer vibe, feel good music that I think still stands up. This album was the follow-up to their iconic 14:59 album from 1999 which I will review in the future. I just happened to revisit this one first for a review. The first half of this album is very strong with some great hits and other tracks that fit right along.  But, halfway through the album comes the song “Ours” which I think is the odball of the bunch that somewhat derails this album. The only song in the last portion of the album that sticks out is “Words To Me” which is a fun, summer vibe type of song. This album has some great songs but in the end feels like it peak’s early and takes a steady decent to the end.

1. Answer The Phone   5/5
2. When It’s Over   5/5
3. Under The Sun   4.5/5
4. Satellites   4/5
5. Waiting   3.5/5
6. Ours   3/5
7. Sorry Now   4/5
8. Stay On   3.5/5
9. Words To Me   4.5/5
10. Just a Little   4/5
11. Disasterpiece   3.5/5

Grade: 80.91 (B-)


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