Circa Waves: Different Creatures

Image result for circa waves different creatures

Circa Waves is an English rock band from England that I hadn’t heard of before so, this new album is my first exposure to them. This album has some catchy tunes but doesn’t really jump out of the speakers. I would say this is a pretty enjoyable album and definitely a good find. But, I wouldn’t say it’s a newly discovered treasure. This is one of those albums that fits certain settings. It carries this certain tone that I would connect to a rainy, but not dreadful, day. Like a rainy spring day where you can smell the fresh air.

1. Wake Up   4.25/5
2. Fire Burns   4.25/5
3. Goodbye   4/5
4. Out on My Own   4/5
5. Different Creatures   4.5/5
6. Crying Shame   5/5
7. Love’s Run Out   3/5
8. Stuck   4.5/5
9. A Night on the Broken Tiles   3/5
10. Without You   4.5/5
11. Old Friends   4/5

Grade: 81.82 (B-)


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