Basement: Promise Everything

Promise Everything.png


You know those albums you can just throw on and zone off into the abyss or go for a drive? This is one of those albums. The vocalizations blend well with the guitar work and there are a few occasions where a little screaming is done. ( Brothers Keeper around the 2:30 mark, Loose Your Grip around the 2:10 mark, Submission at the 1:30 mark, and Promise Everything at the 2:20 mark.) These moments really make me think of the band Thrice in a good way. Not so say this is a form of copying or anything but there is this connection there. One song that really makes this connection to me is “Aquasun” which is one of the highlights of the album. This album is like Jimmy Eat World and Thrice had a baby who threw in a little bit of grunge guitar sounds into the mix. This is an enjoyable listen for sure!

1. Brothers Keeper   4/5
2. Hanging Around   4.75/5
3. Lose Your Grip   4.5/5
4. Aquasun   5/5
5. Submission   4.5/5
6. Oversized   4/5
7. Blinded By   4.75/5
8. For You The Moon   4.5/5
9. Promise Everything   4.5/5
10. Halo   4/5

Grade: 89.0 (B+)


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