Spoon: Hot Thoughts

Spoon Hot Thoughts.jpg


There is this sort of trans that this album creates from the very beginning. It engulfs you with it’s almost creepy vocal delivery on the title track Hot Thoughts. Things lighten up a little on tracks like “Do I Have to Talk You Into It?” which is a fun, groovy track. There is something about this entire album that makes me think of 90’s Brit-Pop such as Oasis but, in a whole different way.

1. Hot Thoughts   5 stars
2. WhisperI’Illlistentohearit   3 stars
3. Do I Have To Talk You Into It?   4 stars
4. First Caress   4.5 stars
5. Pink Up   3 stars
6. Can I Sit Next To You?   4 stars
7. I Ain’t The One   4.5 stars
8. Tear It Down   4 stars
9. Shotgun   4 stars
10. Us   3.5 stars

Grade: 79.0 (C+)


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