Paramore: After Laughter

After Laughter Paramore album cover.png


Paramore dives into some new territory with “After Laughter” which breaks away from the bands pop-punk roots and dives into a synth-pop and new-wave direction. But I think longtime fans will find that it is done in good taste. This album has a different style than the bands previous albums but it feels right. It’s almost as if Paramore traveled back into the 80’s and made an album to release in 2017. I dig it. This year we are seeing multiple bands releasing albums with different styles than they usually would and some of them seem to really miss the mark. This one hit the mark spot on. Paramore did something new, innovative, and different than anything they have done in the past. It doesn’t feel forced or misplaced. It feels natural.

1. Hard Times   5 stars
2. Rose-Colored Boy   4 stars
3. Told You So   4 stars
4. Forgiveness   4.5 stars
5. Fake Happy   5 Stars
6. 26   4.5 stars
7. Pool   5 stars
8. Grudges   4.5 stars
9. Caught In the Middle   5 stars
10. Idle Worship   4 stars
11. No Friends   4 stars
12. Tell Me How   5 stars

Grade: 90.83 (A-)


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