Third Eye Blind: Out of the Vein

Out of the Vein.jpg

Out of the Vein shows Third Eye Blind in a matured, experienced point in their long career. At this point they had already had their huge debut album and follow-up. They had their sound down and new who they where. This album slightly moves away from the poppy sound that the band had on their first two releases and fits more-so into an alternative rock spectrum. The songs on this album seem to dive deeper into the emotional realm and take on a bit more of a personal feel. Songs like Forget Myself, My Hit and Run, Misfits, Self Righteous, and Good Man show a bit more depth than the likes of “Semi-Charmed Life”.

1. Faster    5 stars
2. Blinded   5 stars
3. Forget Myself   4.5 stars
4. Danger   4.75 stars
5. Crystal Baller   5 stars
6. My Hit and Run   5 stars
7. Misfits   5 stars
8. Can’t Get Away   4 stars
9. Wake For Young Souls   5 stars
10. Palm Reader   4.5 stars
11. Self Righteous   4 stars
12. Company   4.5 stars
13. Good Man/Another Life   4.5 stars

Grade: 93.46 (A)


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