Blink-182: California (Deluxe)

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California (Deluxe) shows blink-182 trying a few new things and branching out with new member Matt Skiba. While California tends to keep things on the lighter side to create a more fun and upbeat feel, the songs of the deluxe album tend to have somewhat of a darker tone and get a little more personal. If you wanted a more serious side than we got on the original album, this might provide that for you.  Last Train Home, 6/8, and Bottom of the Ocean are all songs that have darker tones. 6/8 is probably the most aggressive blink-182 song we have ever heard and it works well! The cymbal work on Long Lost Feeling is something else that really caught my ear. It’s like a +44 hybrid track which is pretty cool! Overall, this album is pretty damn good! It shows the new line-up pushing the envelope and trying some new things.

1. Parking Lot   4.5 stars
2. Misery   5 stars
3. Good Old Days   4.5 stars
4. Don’t Mean Anything   5 stars
5. Hey I’m Sorry   4.5 stars
6. Last Train Home   5 stars
7. Wildfire   4.75 stars
8. 6/8   5 stars
9. Long Lost Feeling   4 stars
10. Bottom of the Ocean   5 stars
11. Can’t Get You More Pregnant   3.5 stars
12. Bored To Death (Acoustic)    4.5 stars

Grade: 92.08 (A-)

Now, below I will list the track-listing from the original album with its grade as well as an overall, combined grade for this awesome double album!

Blink-182 - Calfornia.jpg

1. Cynical   5 stars
2. Bored To Death   5 stars
3. She’s Out of Her Mind   4.5 stars
4. Los Angeles   5 stars
5. Sober   5 stars
6. Built This Pool   4 stars
7. No Future  4.5 stars
8. Home Is Such a Lonely Place   4 stars
9. Kings of the Weekend   5 stars
10. Teenage Satellites  4 stars
11. Left Alone   5 stars
12. Rabbit Hole   4.5 stars
13. San Diego   5 stars
14. The Only Thing That Matters   4.5 stars
15. California   4 stars
16. Brohemian Rhapsody   3.5 stars

 Grade: 90.63 (A-)

Combined Score as a double album

Grade: 91.25 (A-)


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