Linkin Park: One More Light

Linkin Park, One More Light, album art final.jpeg


So…Linkin Park decided to change up their sound a little on this album. While the band has been known to experiment with new elements here and their throughout their discography nothing has gone this far into the realm of pop. This one takes a little getting used to but it’s quality is mainly within it’s lyrical content. I find the layered pop elements to create somewhat of a barrier but if you can break through it you will find some heartfelt, powerful music. I’m not sure if Linkin Park is going to continue in this direction or if this is more of an experimental type of album to explore new things. It takes some time to sink in and possibly several listens but this is a decent album. I wouldn’t call it one of their best though.

1. Nobody Can Save Me   4 stars
2. Good Goodbye   4 stars
3. Talking To Myself   4.5 stars
4. Battle Symphony   3.5 stars
5. Invisible   4 stars
6. Heavy   5 stars
7. Sorry For Now   3.5 stars
8. Halfway Right   3 stars
9. One More Light   5 stars
10. Sharp Edges   4 stars

Grade: 81.0 (B-)


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