John Mayer: The Search For Everything



John Mayer decided to release his latest album in three “phases” as two separate EP’s with and the final version including all of the songs. I think this was actually a pretty cool idea because it feels like it gave listeners, myself included, more time to soak in the newer music.  This is a great addition to Mayer’s collection of music that remains rooted in bluesy rock. One think I want to note and it is something I have seen other people say is, the final song on the album, “Your Gonna Live Forever In Me”, has this weird similarity to the song “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” from the original Toy Story Movie…I’m not sure if there is a sort of influence there or what but the song is strikingly similar in tone, instrumentation, and rhyme scheme.

1. Still Feel Like Your Man   4.5 stars
2. Emoji of a Wave   4 stars
3. Helpless   5 stars
4. Love on the Weekend   5 stars
5. Changing   4.5 stars
6. Changing   4.5 stars
7. Theme from “The Search For Everything”   3.5 stars
8. Moving on and Getting Over   5 stars
9. Never on the Day You Leave   4 stars
10. Rosie   4 stars
11. Roll It on Home   4 stars
12. You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me   4.5 stars

Grade: 87.5 (B+)


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