Foster The People: Torches

Torches foster the people.jpg


I can’t believe that this album is six years old! Wow. Anyways, Torches was a big album for indie-pop band “Foster The People”. This album generated some great hits and gained the band much deserved notoriety. Torches is an album that just feels refreshing to hear. When it was brand new it was unique and had a certain spark of energy to it that I can honestly say it still holds. In a time where many bands in this genre seemed to be doing similar things, this album stands out as unique, different, and overall great! Looking back on this album I have to say it is a modern classic.

1. Helena Beat   5 stars
2. Pumped Up Kicks    5 stars
3. Call It What You Want   5 stars
4. Color on the Walls (Don’t Stop)   5 stars
5. Waste   5 stars
6. I Would Do Anything For You   4.5 stars
7. Houdini   5 stars
8. Hustling (Life on the Nickel)   4 stars
9. Miss You   4 stars
10. Warrant   4 stars

Grade: 93.0 (A)


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