Middle Class Rut: No Name No Color

No Name No Color cover.jpg


No Name No Color is the debut album from Alternative rock band, Middle Class Rut. I’m not sure how widely known this band is but they are pretty damn good! There is a certain raw intensity to this music that just makes it so great. The songs do a great job of getting their message across while also generating an atmosphere and tone that is so fitting to each song. The energy from the vocals to the instrumentals to the breakdowns and to the builds are all well placed and well executed.

1. Busy Bein’ Born   5 stars
2. USA   4.5 stars
3. New Low   5 stars
4. Lifelong Dayshift   4 stars
5. One Debt Away   4 stars
6. Are You on Your Way  5 stars
7. Alive or Dead   4 stars
8. I Guess You Could Say  3.75 stars
9. Sad To Know   4 stars
10. Dead End   4 stars
11. Thought I Was   4 stars
12. Cornbred   3.75 stars

Grade: 85.0 (B)


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