Blink-182: Dude Ranch

Blink-182 - Dude Ranch cover.jpg


Dude Ranch is still an iconic blink-182 album which was the precursor to the bands mega hit album “Enema of the State”. This album was the last album recorded with former drummer Scott Reynor before the band replaced him with Travis Barker. This album was a good indication of the great music that was to come. This one contains some classic songs from the band like Pathetic, Josie, Emo, and one of the bands biggest hits and fan favorites to this day, Dammit. This album was a step forward from the bands first album “Chesire Cat” but shows the band at a time where they were still working towards their iconic sound. This is iconic blink-182 with one important piece of the puzzle missing…Travis Barker.

1. Pathetic   5 stars
2. Voyer   3.75 stars
3. Dammit  5 stars
4. Boring   4 stars
5. Dick Lips   4.25 stars
6. Waggy   4 stars
7. Enthused   4.75 stars
8. Untitled   5 stars
9. Apple Shampoo   4.5 stars
10. Emo   4.75 stars
11. Josie   5 stars
12. New Hope   4.5 stars
13. Degenerate   3.75 stars
14. Lemming   4.5 stars
15. I’m Sorry   4 stars

Grade: 89.0 (B+)


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