Sheryl Crow: Be Myself

Sheryl Crow Be Myself.jpg

Sheryl Crow dives back into here earlier, rock driven style on her latest album, Be Myself. This album is much more along the lines of Crow’s hit albums such as Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow, and The Globe Sessions. The title of the album alone shows an aim for Crow to just let the music flow naturally on this one and what we get in return is somewhat of a return to form from the successful artist. I wouldn’t say this album stacks up with those earlier albums but I would say it is a step back in the right direction for the well established and hit oriented artist. Be Myself is an album that I think longtime fans will appreciate. It just doesn’t have that certain spark that was found on Crow’s iconic records.

1. Alone in the Dark   4.5 stars
2. Halfway There   4 stars
3. Long Way Back   4 stars
4. Be Myself   4 stars
5. Roller Skate   4 stars
6. Love Will Save The Day   4 stars
7. Strangers Again   4 stars
8. Rest of Me   4.5 stars
9. Heartbeat Away   4.5 stars
10. Grow Up   4 stars
11. Woo Woo   3.5 stars
12. Disappearing World   4 stars
13. The World You Make   3.5 stars

Grade: 80.77 (B-)


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