The Shins: Heartworms


Heartworms is a very summery album with a sort of easy going, fun vibe. The lyrics tend to explore themes of vulnerability, insecurity, romance, and friendship. We even get a pretty neat illustration in the song Mildenhall which basically tells the story of how lead singer, James Mercer first got inspired to make music. For the most part, all of these songs have pretty inspired lyrical content that is well written and executed. This album is a pretty laid back listen that can be pretty soothing at times.

1. Name for You   4 stars
2. Painting a Hole   4 stars
3. Cherry Hearts   4 stars
4. Fantasy Island   3.5 stars
5. Mildenhall   5 stars
6. Rubber Ballz   4.5 stars
7. Half a Million   4 stars
8. Dead Alive   4 stars
9. Heartworms   4.5 stars
10. So Now What   4.5 stars
11. The Fear   4 stars

Grade: 83.64 (B)


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