Story of the Year: The Constant


Story of the Year lighten things up a little and digs a little deeper on The Constant in comparison to their first three releases. It sounds pretty much like a natural progression from their prior album The Black Swan which still had some teeth but, got a little more reflective in nature. This album has heart to it but it doesn’t stack up to the quality of the bands first two releases. It kind of moves more-so into an alternative rock sound and away from the bands more post-hardcore sounding roots. I don’t think it’s their best, but it is a good album at the end of the day.

1. The Children Sing   4.5 stars
2. The Ghost of You and I   5 stars
3. I’m Alive   4 stars
4. To The Burial   4 stars
5. The Dream is Over   4 stars
6. Remember a Time   4 stars
7. Holding on to You   5 stars
8. Won Threw Ate   4 stars
9. Ten Years Down   5 stars
10. Time Goes One   4 stars
11. Eye For an Eye   4 stars

Grade: 86.36 (B)


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