Green Day: Warning

Green Day - Warning cover.jpg

Warning is an album that showed Green Day trying some new things. While they didn’t abandon their punk rock sound they did manage to incorporate some new ones. Once the first track Warning kicks in with its acoustic driven riff that rides along with a smooth bass line you know this isn’t the same thing we got on Dookie or Nimrod.  Throughout the album Green Day demonstrates a sense of creativity that branches their sound out. There are elements of folk woven throughout the album in songs like Misery, Hold On, and Macy’s Day Parade. This is a unique album and one that produced some of the bands biggest hits. It just lives in the shadow of some of the bands other great works.

1. Warning   5 stars
2. Blood, Sex and Booze   4 stars
3. Church on Sunday   5 stars
4. Fashion Victim   4 stars
5. Castaway   5 stars
6. Misery   4 stars
7. Deadbeat Holiday   4.5 stars
8. Hold On   4.5 stars
9. Jackass   4.5 stars
10. Waiting   5 stars
11. Minority   5 stars
12. Macy’s Day Parade   4.5 stars

Grade: 91.67 (A-)


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