Sugarcult: Palm Trees and Power Lines


Palm Trees and Power Lines is the follow-up to Sugarcult’s breakthrough album Start Static. The album builds upon the platform that the band established with Start Static and delivers as it shows a bit of maturing but stays true to the sound the band established. This album sounds a little more clean cut which may be a result of the recording but I think it’s mostly due to the band growing at the time. This is an album that plays very well from start to finish with each song leading into the next one pretty well. Nothing sounds or feels out of place and I can’t say any of the tracks are sub-par. This album is still very enjoyable 13 years later and remains one that I like to revisit from time to time.

1. She’s The Blade   4.5 stars
2. Crying   4.5 stars
3. Memory   5 stars
4. Worst December   4 stars
5. Back To California   5 stars
6. Destination Anywhere   4 stars
7. Champagne   5 stars
8. What You Say   4 stars
9. Over   5 stars
10. Head Up   4 stars
11. Counting Stars   4 stars…
12. Sign Off   4 stars

Grade: 88.33 (B+)


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