Foxygen: Hang


I haven’t listened to this band in the past so this is my first experience with them. My first impression is that this band is like taking David Bowie, Tom Petty, Ben Folds, and Rocky Horror and throwing them into a blender. This is an album that almost sounds like it comes from another time which is pretty cool if you ask me! It’s an enjoyable listen that doesn’t sound like everything else on the radio. It’s refreshingly unique and different in a good way. Not just trying to be “weird and eccentric” like a lot of modern artists try to do. If you want something different to try definitely give this a listen!

1. Follow the Leader   4 stars
2. Avalon   3 stars
3. Mrs. Adams  4.5 stars
4. America   3.5 stars
5. On Lankershim   4 stars
6. Upon a Hill   4 stars
7. Trauma   4 stars
8. Rise Up   3 stars

Grade: 75.0 (C)


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