Breaking Benjamin: Dear Agony


Dear Agony was the follow-up to 2006’s Phobia which was a big step forward for the band. This album works really well as a follow-up and sounds like a natural progression of Phobia. One thing I really appreciate about this band is that they seem to always stay true to their established sound and style of rock. This album has the fines’ of a band that has been around for a while but looks back at its origins for bits of influence here and there. Dear Agony is an enjoyable listen that sits well with the rest of the bands catalog.

1. Fade Away   4.5 stars
2. I Will Not Bow   5 stars
3. Crawl    5 stars
4. Give Me a Sign   3.5 stars
5. Hopeless    4.5 stars
6. What Lies Beneath    4 stars
7. Anthem of the Angels   4 stars
8. Lights Out    4 stars
9. Dear Agony   4.5 stars
10. Into the Nothing    4.5 stars
11. Without You   5 stars

Grade: 88.18 (B+)


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