Eve 6: Self-Titled


Eve 6 drew quite a bit of attention to themselves with the hit single “Inside Out” off of their self-titled debut. While the album only produced one major hit, the rest of the album is enjoyable and set the tone for the future of the band. This album established their sound which was something kind of unique with the mixture of vocals and delivery. The band definitely got better with time but this album was a good starting point to move forward from. It’s not amazing or iconic per-say but, it is a fun album that drew some attention.

1. How Much Longer   5 stars
2. Inside Out   5 stars
3. Leech   4 stars
4. Showerhead   4 stars
5. Open Road Song   4 stars
6. Jesus Nightlight   3.5 stars
7. Superhero Girl   4 stars
8. Tongue Tied   4 stars
9. Saturday Night   4 stars
10. There’s a Face   4 stars
11. Small Town Trap   4 stars

Grade: 82.73 (B-)


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