Less Than Jake: Hello Rockview


Hello Rockview is pretty much the golden child of Less Than Jake. Although it is their third album, it was the one that really had some establishing success for the band. This album is fun, vibrant, and if you grew up in the 90’s, probably carries a bit of a nostalgia. The horns mix well with the ska driven guitars and drums making the bands unique blend of sounds. The songs of this album all carry this sort of light-hearted, warm, vibrant nature that just makes you feel good. This is a classic from a great band that still makes great music!

1. Last One Out of Liberty City   4.5 stars
2. Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding   5 stars
3. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads   5 stars
4. Five State Drive   4 stars
5. Nervous in the Alley   4.5 stars
6. Motto   4 stars
7. History of a Boring Town   5 stars
8. Great American Sharpshooter   4 stars
9. Danny Says   5 stars
10. Big Crash   5 stars
11. Theme Song For H Street   4.5 stars
12. Richard Allen George…No, It’s Just Cheez   4.5 stars
13. Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin   4 stars
14. Al’s War   4 stars

Grade: 90.0 (A-)


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