Seether: Poison on the Parish


Seether takes things back into a bit of a heavier direction on their latest album “Poison on the Parish”. There was actually an interview where the band talked about their label wanting them to follow certain modern trends. I am glad this band stood their ground because they made a pretty good album. This album has a bit of a dark side to it and is emotionally raw at times. It has the modern polish that comes with a long-lived band but digs into the bands heavy roots resulting in something great! This album is like a return to form and it has some serious replay value.

1. Stoke The Fire   5 stars
2. Betray and Degrade   4.5 stars
3. Something Else   4 stars
4. I’ll Survive   4.5 stars
5. Let You Down   4 stars
6. Against the Wall   5 stars
7. Let Me Heal   4 stars
8. Saviours   4 stars
9. Nothing Left   4 stars
10. Count Me Out   4 stars
11. Emotionless   4 stars
12. Sell My Soul   4 stars
13. Feels Like Dying   4 stars
14. Misunderstood   4 stars
15. Take a Minute   4 stars

Grade: 84.0 (B)


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