Matchbox Twenty: Mad Season


Matchbox Twenty had become very successful with the release of their debut album Yourself or Someone Like You in 1996. The band sustained momentum from that album for a few years and after four years returned with Mad Season. Mad Season is a solid follow-up album which can be hard to do after such a great first album. The band sounds more comfortable in their own shoes on this album. They sound a little tighter as a unit but didn’t stray to far from what made them successful on their first album. There is an added element of some horns on the track Black and White People which fits well while bringing in a new element. This album produced a few of the bands great hits but, it doesn’t top their debut.

1. Angry   4 stars
2. Black & White People   4.5 stars
3. Crutch   5 stars
4. Last Beautiful Girl   4 stars
5. If You’re Gone   5 stars
6. Mad Season   4 stars
7. Rest Stop   4 stars
8. The Burn   4 stars
9. Bent   5 stars
10. Bed of Lies   4.5 stars
11. Leave   4 stars
12. Stop   3 stars
13. You Won’t Be Mine   3 stars

Grade: 83.08 (B)


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