Weezer: Hurley



Weezer is a band that has some classic albums but, in-between there seem to be some less impressive efforts. Hurley is an album that starts out fun but loses track along the way. The first song on the album, Memories, is a fun, heart-felt track and is one of the main highlights of the album. Hurley is a conglomeration of different places the band has ventured into. It’s like throwing Pinkerton, The Red Album, and Ratitude into a mixer. Some of it works, the album has some great moments but, also has some very weak points.

1. Memories   5 stars
2. Ruling Me   4 stars
3. Trainwrecks   4.5 stars
4. Unspoken   3 stars
5. Where’s My Sex?   3 stars
6. Run Away   4 stars
7. Hang On   4 stars
8. Smart Girls   4 stars
9. Brave New World   3 stars
10. Time Flies   3 stars

Grade: 75.0 (C)


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