Rise Against: Wolves



Wolves blends the growth of the bands previous two albums with a little bit of the aggression that was more prevalent on their earlier ones. This album is full of social commentary that looks at out current situation in America with science deniers, hate filled ideologies, and injustice. I really feel like this album sort-of bridges the gap between different time-periods of this band. The aggression we here at times (Especially in the conclusion of the title track), is something that hasn’t really been there since The Sufferer and the Witness in 2006! This album isn’t here to make you feel better, its here to address what is wrong, to bare some teeth, and to attack the future in a positive way.

1. Wolves   5 stars
2. House on Fire   5 stars
3. The Violence   5 stars
4. Welcome to the Breakdown   5 stars
5. Far From Perfect   4 stars
6. Bullshit   5 stars
7. Politics of Love   4.5 stars
8. Parts Per Million  4 stars
9. Mourning in Amerika   4 stars
10. How Many Walls   4.5 stars
11. Miracle   4.5 stars

Grade: 91.82 (A-)


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