Hoobastank: For(n)ever



For(n)ever  follow’s up two of the bands most successful and notable albums in their discography. This time around, things feel a little more formulaic and somewhat bland. While this album has some good songs, the sparks never seem to start a fire and what could have been is just that…This album suffers from being somewhat formulaic and almost predictable. This album sounds like the same band that made The Reason and Every Man For Himself but, it sounds as if their energy, passion, and drive where almost ripped away.

1. My Turn   4.5 stars
2. I Don’t Think I Love You   5 stars
3. So Close, So Far   4 stars
4. All About You   4.5 stars
5. The Letter   3.5 stars
6. Tears of Yesterday   3 stars
7. Sick of Hanging On   2.5 stars
8. You Are the One  4 stars
9. Who the Hell Am I?  4 stars
10. You Need To Be Here   4 stars
11. Gone Gone Gone   3 stars
12. Replace You   3 stars
13. Stay With Me   4 stars

Grade: 75.38 (C)


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