Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight


Minutes To Midnight was a step in a new direction for Linkin Park; a band that had made their claim to fame with their Nu-Metal sound on their first two album. While this album wasn’t a complete departure, like their later albums, it was a step in that direction. One thing that remains on this album is amazing vocalization from lead singer Chester Bennington. The style on this album moves away from the Nu-metal/rap-rock style and stays more in the realm of Alternative Metal. This album definitely has heart in all of the songs. Even with a good number of softer sounding songs (Leave Out All The Rest, Shadow of the Day, Hands Held High, Valentines Day, In Between, In Pieces, The Little Things Give You Away)  which was uncommon for the band at the time, it feels sincere and authentic. This was an evolution that worked well…I just think they faded to far off to sea in recent times…

1. Wake   4 stars
2. Given Up   5 stars
3. Leave Out All The Rest   5 stars
4. Bleed It Out   5 stars
5. Shadow of the Day   4 stars
6. What I’ve Done   5 stars
7. Hands Held High   4.5 stars
8. No More Sorrow   4 stars
9. Valentines Day   5 stars
10. In Between   4 stars
11. In Pieces   4 stars
12. The Little Things Give You Away   4 stars


Grade: 89.17 (B+)


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