Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth



Yes, this band is still around. They have a dedicated fan-base from what I’m aware of. While the band started off more-so in the realm of hard rock, they slowly moved in more of a pop-rock direction with songs here and there that have been reflective of their earlier days. Crooked Teeth has a little bit of everything the band has done through the years but sounds modern. This album is like going through the candy sack after trick-or-treating…You find some good pieces of candy (songs), you get some that you’ll eat anyways, and you get some that you just don’t like…In the end, you realize you have too much damn candy. Get it? Some songs had potential but fall flat on their face with added dubstep or other elements that just don’t work or belong (Born For Greatness, Sunrise Trailer Park, None of the Above).

1. Break The Fall   4 stars
2. Crooked Teeth   4.5 stars
3. My Medication   4 stars
4. Born For Greatness   2.5 stars
5. American Dreams   4.5 stars
6. Periscope (Feat. Skylar Grey)   5 stars
7. Help   5 stars
8. Sunrise Trailer Park (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly)   3.5 stars
9. Traumatic   3.5 stars
10. None of the Above   3 stars

Grade: 79.0 (C+)


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