Foo Fighters: There Is Nothing Left To Lose


There Is Nothing Left To Lose was/is the follow-up to the Foo Fighters second album, The Colour and the Shape. At this point, lead singer Dave Grohl seems much more comfortable in his own shoes as the lead singer of his now successful band following the tragic end of the iconic band Nirvana. What you have to appreciate is the fact that he didn’t try to recreate what Nirvana did, he moved on and created something new. The album demonstrates a balance between the bands more aggressive driven vocals and bold instrumentals and their ability to throw in some nicely melodic tracks. This album also demonstrates a bit more cohesion than The Colour and the Shape did.

1. Stacked Actors   4 stars
2. Breakout   5 stars
3. Learn To Fly   5 stars
4. Gimme Stitches   4.5 stars
5. Generator   5 stars
6. Aurora   4 stars
7. Live-In-Skin   4 stars
8. Next Year   4.5 stars
9.  Headwires    4 stars
10. Ain’t It The Life    4 stars
11. M.I.A.   4.5 stars
12. Fraternity   4 stars

Grade: 87.5 (B+)


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