Green Day: Dos


Dos! is the second album in the trilogy of albums that Green Day released in 2012. Each album had a different sound than the other two. This one has a garage rock sound, something that the band had never really explored in the past. I remember reading or listening to an interview with Billy Joe Armstrong where he was talking about these albums and said something to the effect that, Uno is heading to the party, Dos is the party, and Tre is after the party…I like this analogy because it fits pretty well. This album is somewhat chaotic and feels like a party. Retrospectively, Armstong admitted that he was on drugs when they made these three albums which lead to his breakdown and rehabilitation. You can really sense that something wasn’t quite right in these albums. It makes this album specifically, a little more chaotic. This isn’t a Green Day album that I revisit much but, I will give it a spin from time to time. It’s definitely one of their least memorable releases but, has a unique quality that comes along with it.

1. See You Tonight    3.5 stars
2. Fuck Time    3.5 stars
3. Stop When the Red Lights Flash    4 stars
4. Lazy Bones    4.5 stars
5. Wild One    3.5 stars
6. Makeout Party   3.5 stars
7. Stray Heart    4 stars
8. Ashley    4 stars
9. Baby Eyes    3 stars
10. Lady Cobra    2.5 stars
11. Nightlife   1 star
12. Wow! That’s Loud    2.5 stars
13. Amy    5 stars

Grade: 68.46 (D+)


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