Michelle Branch: Hopeless Romantic

Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic (Official Album Cover).png


Hopeless Romantic is the first album in fourteen years from Michelle Branch! This is the long awaited follow-up to her 2003 album Hotel Paper which generated the hit singles Are You Happy Now? and Breath. It’s a very interesting situation to see an artist return after such a long period. Going into this album, any listener would be unsure of the musical direction and even quality of music from the artist after such a long period of time. Surprisingly, I have to say that Michelle Branch managed to make a pretty decent album after such a long time. I’m not sure if this album will necessarily cause a resurgence of her popularity but I think it is an acceptably fun continuation of her earlier work. This album leans a little more on the pop side and has an updated, modern sound without changing too much of the singers original style.

1. Best You Ever   4 stars
2. You’re Good     4.5 stars
3. Fault Line    4 stars
4. Heartbreak Now   4 stars
5. Hopeless Romantic    5 stars
6. Living a Lie    
4.5 stars
7. Knock Yourself Out  
4 stars
8. Temporary Feeling  
4 stars
9. Carry Me Home  
4 stars
10. Not a Love Song  
4.5 stars
11. Last Night    
4 stars
12. Bad Side  
 4 stars
13. Shadow  
3.5 stars
14. City  
4 stars

Grade: 82.86 (B-)


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