Trapt: Someone In Control

File:Trapt someone in control cover.jpg


Someone In Control was the follow-up album to Trapt’s successful self-titled album from 2002. This album definitely sounds cleaner and more polished than the self-titled album. It demonstrates a little bit of growth but doesn’t stray to far from the footprint that was made with the self-titled album. This time around it just seems like the band is settled in and comfortable in their own shoes. Everything on this album has this authentic and almost raw feel to it. I think that is a big reason it still holds up today even though the band has mastered their sound more and more through the years.

1. Disconnected (Out of Touch)     5 stars
2. Waiting    5 stars
3. Victim    
4 stars
4. Stand Up  
5 stars
5. Lost Realist   4.5 stars
6. Skin Deep    4.5 stars
7. Influence    4 stars
8. Repeat Offender   5 stars
9.  Bleed Like Me    4 stars
10. Use Me To Use You    4 stars
11. Product of My Own Design    4 stars

Grade: 89.09 (B+)


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