The Verve: Urban Hymns

The Verve, Urban Hymns.png


Urban Hymns is an album that came along with the 90’s surge of Britpop and it produced the major hit, Bitter Sweet Symphony. The album seems to have many rock elements that parallel some of the most notable rock albums around. The beauty in these songs is captivating as they pull you in with an almost hypnotic mix of lyrics, vocalizations, and beautifully written instrumentals. There are some elements that make me think of Radiohead. This is in songs like Catching the Butterfly, Neon Wilderness, and Space and Time. This is an album of rich, melancholic,  and moody soundscapes that is so uniquely beautiful. If you only know the hit single from this album, I definitely recommend giving the whole thing a spin. I promise a joyful, and maybe even magical, experience.

1. Bitter Sweet Symphony   5 stars
2. Sonnet  4.5 stars
3. The Rolling People   4.5 stars
4. The Drugs Don’t Work   4 stars
5. Catching the Butterfly    4 stars
6. Neon Wilderness   4 stars
7. Space and Time  
4 stars
8. Weeping Willow  
4.5 stars
9. Lucky Man  
4 stars
10. One Day  
4 stars
11. This Time  
4 stars
12. Velvet Morning  
4 stars
13. Come On  
4 stars

Grade: 83.85 (B)


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