Lorde: Melodrama

Lorde Melodrama album cover 2017 03 02.jpg

Lorde has shown that she wasn’t just a one album sensation with her latest album Melodrama. The songs of this album aren’t anthemic in nature like many of the songs on Pure Heroine. This isn’t a bad thing though, just something I noticed. These songs seem to take on a more sincere and personal approach. While Pure Heroine feels more youthful, Melodrama feels much more mature, poetic, and deep. This album demonstrates the artists growth and maturity. She doesn’t seem to be trying to follow trends and holds true to her unique style and sound. This time she seems to dig a little deeper resulting in songs with beautiful expression that play out in this almost enchanting way.

1. Green Light   5 stars
2. Sober   5 stars
3. Homemade Dynamite    4 stars
4. The Louvre   4 stars
5. Liability   4.5 stars
6. Hard Feelings/Loveless   4 stars
7. Sober II (Melodrama)   4.5 stars
8. Writer in the Dark   5 stars
9. Supercut   4 stars
10. Liability (Reprise)   4 stars
11. Perfect Places   5 stars

Grade: 89.09 (B+)


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