(hed) p.e. : Broke


While Broke is the second album from Nu Metal, Punk, Hard Rock band (hed) p.e., I think it’s a good starting point for any new listeners. The first album is more raw in its sound. This album feels like the band had broken in their shoes a little…no pun intended. This album is much more focused and mature than the first album. I know the band still plays a handful of songs off of this album as they did when I saw them a month or so ago. This album features a pretty cool guest feature on the track Feel Good with Serj Tankian of System of a Down which is one of the better songs on the album. Throughout the album, the band fuses touches of different styles ranging from metal and punk to hip-hop and even a surprisingly beautiful mellow pop-rock type track at the end of the album in the song The Meadow. There is an instance that really makes think of Korn in the song I Got You where Jarhed Gomes is talking/singing in a style that makes me think of Freak on a Leash. In the end, this may not be the bands best album, but, it works well as a starting point because it lays down a foundation on which they have evolved upon since.

1. Killing Time   5 stars
2. Waiting To Die   5 stars
3. Feel Good   4.5 stars
4. Bartender   4 stars
5. Crazy Legs   2 stars
6. Pac Bell   2 stars
7. I Got You  4 stars
8. Boom (How You Like That)    4 stars
9. Swan Dive   5 stars
10. Stevie   1 stars
11. Jesus (of Nazareth)   2 stars
12. The Meadow   4.5 stars

Grade: 71.67 (C-)


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