Hawthorne Heights: The Silence In Black and White

Hawthorne Heights' debut - TSIB&W.jpg


The mid-2000’s saw this surge in post-hardcore and emo music. The Silence In Black and White is an album that was a big part in the start of that surge and it’s an album that still holds a special place in that time period. While the album may not have the well rounded sound that the band went on to develop on their next album and further along. What really makes this album good is it’s ability to set a tone and draw it’s listeners into this emotional tug and pull. While some of the screams may not be the best, they really help generate the bands iconic sound. Lyrically, the album is an emotional canvas of romance illustrations and an exploration of those emotions that come with love. The blend of melodic harmonies and chaotic screams along the instrumentation of this album really creates something tragically beautiful that has an almost hypnotic effect.

1. Life On Standby   5 stars
2. Dissolve and Decay   4.5 stars
3. Niki FM   5 stars
4. The Transition   4.5 stars
5. Blue Burns Orange   4.5 stars
6. Silver Bullet   5 stars
7. Screenwriting an Apology   4 stars
8. Ohio Is For Love  5 stars
9. Wake Up Call   4 stars
10. Sandpaper and Silk   4 stars
11. Speeding Up The Octaves   3 stars

Grade: 88.18 (B+)


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