Good Charlotte: Good Morning Revival


Good Morning Revival takes a step into more of a pop-rock oriented sound than the bands prior two releases. While their prior two releases managed to produce a few hits, Good Morning Revival has one or possibly two out of the thirteen song track-list. While many of these songs seem to have lyrical content that can give the songs a spark, the delivery of many of these tracks just doesn’t work well. The blended in sound of piano and electronic pop elements tend to bring these songs down. This is an instance where many of the songs have potential but the instrumentals and delivery just kill that potential. (Where Would We Be Now, Break Apart Her Heart, Something Else, Broken Heart Parade).   Some of them are just bad. (Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, All Black, Beautiful Place). This album is just not that good…It has a good song or two, that’s it.

1. Good Morning Revival (Intro)   4 stars
2. Misery   4 stars
3. The River   5 stars
4. Dance Floor Anthem   5 stars
5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl   2.5 stars
6. Victims of Love   3.5 stars
7. Where Would We Be Now?   2.5 stars
8. Break Apart Her Heart   3 stars
9. All Black   2 stars
10. Beautiful Place   2 stars
11. Something Else   3.5 stars
12. Broken Hearts Parade   3.5 stars
13. March On   3.5 stars

Grade: 67.69 (C+)


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