Imagine Dragons: Evolve

Evolve pulls in some synth right away with the first song, I Don’t Know Why. It shows some bold instrumentals and a big chorus that will definitely get listeners singing along pretty quick. It has this anthem like draw  as some of the bands biggest hits have had. The band shows a more radiant and soulful type of vibe on tracks like Walking the Wire, Rise Up, Mouth of the River, and Levitate. I feel like these songs are really the heart of the album that give it life and passion. Start Over is an interesting track that brings in this African drum type of sound and shines with a nice groove as it leans heavier on the pop sound. Overall this album is pretty enjoyable and every track fits in well. Some new elements are introduced but in terms of change, this isn’t a big one for the bands sound. It fits in with their previous two releases and adds a new trick or two. In the end, its a good album that solidifies the band but, it feels like it lives in a sort of comfort zone. They know their sound and style. They execute it well. This is just another chapter of the same book.

1. I Don’t Know Why    4.5 stars
2. Whatever It Takes   
5 stars
3. Believer  
5 stars
4. Walking The Wire  
4.5 stars
5. Rise Up   
4 stars
6. I’ll Make It Up To You  
4 stars
7. Yesterday  
3.5 stars
8. Mouth of the River  
4.5 stars
9. Thunder  
4.5 stars
10. Start Over  
4 stars
11. Dancing In The Dark  
4 stars
12. Levitate  
5 stars
13. Not Today  
3.5 stars
Not including Believer Remix…

Grade: 86.15 (B)


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