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It doesn’t feel like it’s been three years since the last Rancid album “Honor Is All We Know”, was released but here we are in 2017 with some new tunes from a great punk rock band that is still going strong after twenty plus years! This album really makes me think of their albums “…And Out Come The Wolves” ( 1995) and “Indestructible” (2003). I really have to appreciate how this band has stuck to their guns as a punk rock band. While other punk bands might move towards a more pop or alternative rock oriented sound, this band keeps that traditional punk sound and style running through it’s veins. What we get with Trouble Maker is an album that is enjoyable from beginning to end that mixes familiar styles of ska and fast thrash punk into the iconic Rancid sound. The first three songs on this album, Track Fast, Ghost of a Chance, and Telegraph Avenue really draw you in and set the stage for the remainder of the album. I Got Them Blues Again almost makes me think of Social Distortion being fused into Rancid and it sounds great. I Kept My Promise is another track that really sticks out to me. It has a quality to it that makes it sound like a classic punk track from the Ramones or The Clash. This is a fun album. I am sure longtime fans of the band will love it and I think this is an album that could draw in some new ones!

1. Track Fast   4 stars
2. Ghost of a Chance   5 stars
3. Telegraph Avenue   5 stars
4. An Intimate Close Up of a Street Punk Trouble Maker   4 stars
5. Where I’m Going   4.5 stars
6. Buddy   4 stars
7. Farewell Lola Blue   4.5 stars
8. All American Neighborhood   3.5 stars
9. Bovver Rock and Roll   4 stars
10. Make It Out Alive   4 stars
11. Molly Make Your Mind   4 stars
12. I Got Them Blues Again   4.5 stars
13. Beauty of the Pool Hall   4 stars
14. Say Goodbye to Our Heroes   4 stars
15. I Kept a Promise   5 stars
16. Cold Cold Blood   4 stars
17. This is Not the End   4 stars

Grade: 89.41 (B+)


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