311: Mosaic

311 Mosaic 2017.jpg

311 has been going strong for twenty plus years and has continued to put out a new album every 3-5 years. They are a band that has a discography made up of a few really great albums and a few middle of the road albums. I can’t think of any 311 albums that I would consider sub-par. This is a solid band that knows who they are and continues to make good music. Mosaic follows up their album Stereolithic from 2014 which I would consider pretty good and a definite step up from the prior two albums. So, going into this one I didn’t really set the bar high but for sure expected something fresh and fun…That’s exactly what we get with Mosaic! The overall style, vibe, and feel of this album is reminiscent of some of the bands strongest works. If you are looking for a soundtrack to your summer I would definitely recommend giving this a listen! These songs come to life in a vibrant way in which they grip you with both the beautifully orchestrated instrumentals, smooth vocals, and lyrics that will surely get you singing along. This album has 17 tracks and a run-time of 60:32! Many times when this is the chase, an album can lose its quality as it seems to drag on or seems to have too much filler tracks. This is definitely not the case with Mosaic! This is a triumphant return to form when you look at some of the bands best works from the past!

1. Too Much To Think   5 stars
2. Wildfire   4.5 stars
3. The Night Is Young   5 stars
4. Island Sun   4 stars
5. Perfect Mistake   5 stars
6. Extension   4 stars
7. Inside Our Home   4 stars
8. ‘Till The City’s On Fire   5 stars
9. Too Late   4.5 stars
10. Hey Yo   4.5 stars
11. Places That The Mind Goes   4 stars
12. Face In The Wind   4 stars
13. Forever Now   4 stars
14. Days of ’88   4.5 stars
15. One and the Same   5 stars
16. Syntax Error   4 stars
17. On a Roll   5 stars

Grade: 89.41 (B+)


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