Angels and Airwaves: Love Part Two


Love Part Two does something that part one didn’t do right from the get go. It captures your attention with the first track Saturday Love. This time around, you get pulled into this passionate energy that Delonge does a better job of conveying through his lyrical content as well as his delivery. This album, while still heavy with synthesizer elements, seems to find a better balance that Part One did. The first three tracks really pull you in so that when the slower forth track, My Heart (It’s Not Over), gets going it doesn’t feel like the album is dragging along and it makes you more attentive. Again, many of the guitar parts seem similar as they did on part one but aren’t as noticeable due to the mixed in synthesizers. The Revelator has some more fun wordplay that gives it a life of its own and works as a sort of second spark in the albums track-list. Inertia is a bit of surprise with its changing guitar dynamics throughout  but comes off as something cool just for the fact that it sounds different. This album doesn’t feel like it comes in for a smooth landing with the last two tracks. In the end, this is an album that starts off really good but chugs along after the first half and feels like it barely makes it back to the station by the end. Some of the guitar work on the final track, All That We Are, at least makes up some of what is lost.

1. Saturday Love    5 stars
2. Surrender   5 stars
3. Anxiety   5 stars
4. My Heroine (It’s Not Over)   4 stars
5. Moon As My Witness   4.5 stars
6. Dry Your Eyes   4 stars
7. The Revelator   4.5 stars
8. One Last Thing   3 stars
9. Inertia   4 stars
10. Behold a Pale Horse   3 stars
11. All That We Are   4 stars

Grade: 83.64 (B)



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